Tool & Equipment Log



While barcode labels are not strictly required for T & E Log, the cost to purchase industrial quality barcode will prove to be a good investment for the company.

        Using barcodes are:

·         Fast

·         Accurate

·         Reliable

·         Time saving


A Bluetooth barcode scanner is required to link with your Apple iPad, Android or Windows Tablet. Alternatively, a smart phone.

Google, Bluetooth barcode scanners and the choice is yours.


Barcode Labels.

There are companies that specialise in printing industrial quality labels. As the barcodes will be used on building construction sites, they must stand up to the weather.

Also, your company name can be printed on the label, providing an extra level of ID, should the item go missing.


Barcodes can save time in a dispute. A worker claims another has his / her power drill.

The dispute is easily resolved, log in to T & E Log and scan the barcode. It will only appear on one of the devices.

The barcode label is replaced each time a test / inspection is carried out.


                        Company name


                        Last Date

                        Next Due

                        Tested By